La Rochelle 29-31 Jan — VendeeGlobe FINISH

Startharbour: La Rochelle 29-31 Jan
Boarding after: 29.01.2021 18:00
Departure: 30.01.2021 07:00
Port of destination: VendeeGlobe FINISH
Arrival: 31.01.2021 18:45
Debarkation before:
Days on board: 3
Suggested donation towards jorney expenses: 195€

How much does it cost :
Kids of 12 and under - 140€
Youngsters 13 to 25 - 155€
Adults – 195 €

We invite you to come see the finish of the famous Vendée Globe Race up close. The Vendée Globe Race is a single-handed non-stop, no assistance, round the world yacht race that takes place every 4 years since 1992.

The race starts and ends in Département of Vendée, France, hence the namesake.
While the competitors may anchor, they may not go dockside or alongside another vessel. They may not receive any customized information such as weather report or routing details.

This race is an ultimate test of strength, endurance and cutting edge sailing technology. Every race there is something new in the boat tech. Last time, in 2016-2017, the race was first completed without using fossil fuels, the electrical power was supplied by hydrogenerators and solar panels.

This is a unique opportunity to see these top-of-the-line sailboats in their natural environment and not on a TV screen. A pinch of spice is to witness the spectacular finish of the super-modern sailing race from the deck of the great ancestor of the ancient lore that makes this race possible.

Please watch out for the update emails, as the exact date and time of departure will depend on how the race is progressing.

You can follow the progress of the race at