Limassol (new ETD) — Rhodes

Boarding in: Limassol (new ETD)
Boarding on: 21.12.2021 10:00
Departure: 21.12.2021 12:00
Port of destination: Rhodes
Arrival: 26.12.2021 12:00
Debarkation before: 26.12.2021 17:00
Days on board: 6
Participation fee: 650€

We start from Limassol on Tuesday 21th. Get-together on board at 10:00. 

  Standard goes to Rhodes: "In the fields of scorched Rhodes / Stones of the walls and in the flower of poplar / He sees the sailor's heart...". Rhodes is an island given to the sun and, if you believe, to the voice of ancient Hellas, whether it is the syllable of Homer inspired by the sea wind or the lengthy message of Diodorus Siculus, this is by no means a figure of speech: seeing how the most beautiful of the islands is born from the depths of the sea, the Olympian gods made it the patrimony of Helios. However, the sea itself is born in Rhodes: here the tribe of skilled craftsmen and magicians of the Telchins was nurtured by the eternal companion and rival of all navigators, the "earth shaker" Poseidon. The heritage of the cs earned Rhodes the fame of the "island of geniuses": the author of the Argonautics, the poet Apollonius of Rhodes, the sculptor Lysippus, the painter Parrasius, the philosopher Aristippus of Cyrene, the astronomer Hipparchus and others aspired here. Perhaps the most famous sculptures of the ancient world "Nika of Samothrace", "Laocoon", and finally, the famous Colossus of Rhodes were created by local craftsmen. Those seeking ancient secrets are waiting for the majestic ruins of the Rhodes Acropolis, the medieval austerity of the street of the Knights of St. John and the fort of St. Nicholas, the Byzantine seclusion of the Church of St. Nicholas Fundukli. Those whose hearts are more gracious to the creations of nature than the creations of human hands and mind will undoubtedly have the desire and time to get to the famous "Valley of Butterflies" (Petaludes). And the sea voyage preceding your discovery of Rhodes will undoubtedly make a meeting with the "rose of the Aegean Sea" especially desirable. The passage from Limassol to Rhodes is a 250 nautical mile journey, possibly with a stop on the Greek island of Kastellorizo. Sailing practice and full immersion in sea life at this crossing are guaranteed to you. Acquaintance with historical rigging and sails, sail and ship management. Disconnecting from everything, rebooting the brain, a new look at yourself and your life - very often important life transformations occur with the sailors of the Standard