Let’s plan our next adventure together!


Dear Friends! In our traditional New Year newsletter we’ll say a few words about our last year and reveal some ideas and plans for the next one.

Good news first. We found a good gift for those who miss sea and travel and are ready to sail on Shtandart once the opportunity occurs.

This is a gift certificate for a trip on board Shtandart within two years from the moment when the world opens borders and travel is possible again. The gift certificate is valid for any trip regardless of the trip’s length. 

Планируем будущие приключения вместе!, изображение №2

«Life is what YOU make it» — motto that works! On board Shtandart we learned to find a bright side to anything that comes our way, take risks and embark on adventures without hesitation. The last year was full of events, some were unexpected, some – just unusual, so we would like to share them with you.


The sailing season started as planned. We celebrated New Year on our way to Barcelona, did some scheduled maintenance in Tarragona and left for unexplored seas with a new crew in February. In our journey of exploration we went to Naples and Malta, visited islands Menorca and Sardinia and suddenly found ourselves on Corfu. Totally according to the plan that kept changing as the virus was marching across Europe and we were trying to outrun it. 

Our sailing season 2020 in photos VKontakte and on Facebook

2222 мили за 40 дней

Tall ships mean freedom, so we roamed the Mediterranean for a while before we moored in the port of Castellon de la Plana, Spain in late March for quarantine. We used that quiet time to do some of these “always wanted to, never got to it” maintenance projects as well as to relax, keep each other good company, swim, play sports and games and learn dancing. 

Планируем будущие приключения вместе!, изображение №6

Instead of 20 days, we spend 50 in Castellon (remember this spring?) and once we were finally allowed to leave the port we went for La Rochelle through Gibraltar and across the Bay of Biscay. The summer was almost as intensive as usual France, Netherlands, kids group “15 year old captain” from the sailing school Polvetra, dry dock, ship’s birthday in Hamburg, back to Amsterdam and further south to our cozy second home in La Rochelle familiar to everyone from the “Three Musketeers”.

Планируем будущие приключения вместе!, изображение №8 

The most important and happy piece of news is that the Russian frigate Shtandart that hasn’t been back to home port for 11 years got officially registered as Russian sports yacht and therefore is allowed  to sail in Russian waters again. We plan to go to Saint Petersburg next July.

Планируем будущие приключения вместе!, изображение №10

The whole fall we spent in France doing small sail training trips, spent a few weeks in Bordeaux and learned French. Yet we miss our freedom to move from one country to another and do some real sailing. 

We are more than ever anxiously waiting for the borders to open again. And despite the situation we made voyage plans for this spring and summer.

While the borders are still closed, for those of you, leaving in Europe we have short daysails planned from La Rochelle and back. It can be a day trip with a night on board or just a 3.5 hour sail. To join the crew fill out an application on the website, pay the participation fee and come on board at the specified time. Don’t bring too much stuff, but dress warmly. You can check weather a day before the trip on windy.com. January to March, the temperatures are usually about 10°С. You can find the ship’s location here.

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We understand that the world is full of uncertainty today. We will keep you posted of the current situation. Everyone who made an application will get regular updates by email as well as on our Telegram channel.

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Happy New Year card

Dear Friends! This New Year Eve we’d like to tell you that without you Shtandart wouldn’t have existed.  Our immense gratitude to all our trainees, volunteers and crew members: past, present and future; for all the different kinds of support that made it possible for Shtandart to sail through these challenging times and inspire everyone to dream at the top power of their souls and firmly believe that a dream can be made true.  It can. And will. Hooray! 

Happy New Year!

The Crew of Shtandart

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Great thanks to Olga Kataeva for our beautiful Christmas card