Frigate Shtandart, an inspired project itself, continues to inspire people around the world. We welcome you to join us in a variety of ways and experience the wonderful world of adventures, friendship, achievements and fun!

Visitors in European and Russian ports can meet us during multiple Sea Festivals and events we engage in during spring, summer and autumn. Excursions, special themed events, fun for adults and children, competitions, souvenirs – please check our sailing schedule and choose the place nearest or most convenient for you.

If time allows and you (or your whole family!) are feeling adventurous, you can join us on a sailing trip. Trips vary from half a day to a long-distance voyage between towns and ports and countries. Just send us an email or call to discuss the available dates, itinerary and prices.

Shtandart also likes featuring in commercials, period, adventure and sci-fi movies, so if you are looking for an 18th century “sailing location” do talk to us, we can supply an unsurpassable set and even a few extras from the crew!

And if you have any other ideas of how the ship might be of interest to you, your team or your project please get in touch, we always welcome new opportunities and invitations!