Training and Maritime Education

At Shtandart project we use our maritime background to help young people develop their personalities and character, thus fulfilling the main mission of our project.

We help young people gain extremely valuable professional experience. Taking on various creative tasks, finding solutions for multiple problems and challenges they acquire knowledge and skills that they will be able to apply in any future field, profession or occupation. Self-discipline, diligence, sense of responsibility, ability to assess their results and an ability to work in a team.

Our members and volunteers have an opportunity to raise their level of knowledge, learn to manage projects and teams. Today they are building a boat, tomorrow they will be building their own companies and the future of the country. Having had the experience of dealing with difficulties and challenging tasks during their training and practice they will be better equipped to meet the demanding life challenges in the future.

This project also gives then an opportunity to develop their character and personality. Boys and girls are testing themselves in something very unusual and new, realising their potential, using their knowledge, gaining experience and achieving results. Working together, striving for the same goal, they learn better cooperation, principles of team-building, friendliness and mutual help. Their achievements drive justified self-esteem and all-important self-belief.