Interactive map of helping the ship

Major refit of the frigate Shtandar

November 2016 – April 2017

The frigate Shtandart is having a major refit in the dry dock from Nov 14th, 2016 to April 7th, 2017.

A wooden ship like every other living creature needs grooming and health care. Usually wooden ships undergo a serious refit every 15 years. The Shtandart has been at sea for 17 years. It’s The time to take the beautiful lady in for Big Refit.

In the last several years all crew worked much harder, to prepare. Shtandart sailed much more than before: we’ve made many journeys during winter seasons, taking trainees to the Canaries, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast. We’ve sailed non-stop for two years, visiting many events, and taking part in several film productions. All that allowed us to set aside some funds for the Big Refit. Although we have collected funds only for most important repairs, we don’t want to postpone any longer, as we simply can’t put safety at risk. We must go for it this winter. It’s become vital for the safe operation of the ship.

Many people have had a good time at Shtandart. That was a lot of exciting experience, and certainly not a trace of luxury. Almost seven thousands young persons sailed to open seas on board of our replica frigate.

It’s always been a challenging task to maintain a wooden sailing ship in active operation. It requires a lot of work, a lot of energy, and a lot of funds. Dear friends, we are grateful for you continues help in keeping Shtandart afloat. Over these bright 17 years, many in our Shtandart family took part in ship’s maintenance and repairs, many has given their support donating money. Because of this, the Shtandart keeps bringing joy to people, to our children, to our friends and colleagues.

With your help, the Yellow Peter the Great’s royal standard will be seen in many cities and towns around the world for years and years to come. We’re counting on you. Now please help fund us or spread the word.

There is a theory that through just five other people, you're effectively connected to anyone on Earth. Most probably you know someone who understands the romanticism of sails and seas, who feels the importance of preserving live history of seamanship and pass it down to new people. Tell them about Shtandart! Maybe they also know someone who dreams about sailing aboard a real tall ship or someone who wants to support the unique historical authentic frigate. Don’t be shy to click the “Share it with friends!” button and add a few words to personalize the message, tell the world what you think about Shtandart! You wouldn’t believe how much difference it makes!

And yet again, maybe you know some business managers who like the idea of teambuilding through a sailing adventure. We can make it happen! We offer a most fascinating teambuilding program aboard the Tsar Peter’s frigate. Send these folks a short message with a link [] to the interactive map where we’re keeping track and revealing to our friends and supporters what is done, what has been funded and is getting done and what is important, but not yet funded.

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And thank you ever so much for your support!