Rome (Ostia) — Genoa

Boarding in: Rome (Ostia)
Boarding on: 07.11.2015 00:00
Departure: 07.11.2015 17:00
Port of destination: Genoa
Arrival: 15.11.2015 13:00
Debarkation before: 15.11.2015 13:00
Days on board: 9
Participation fee: 490€

Napoleonic plans

Designated route:
Rome (Civitavecchia) — Strait of Bonifacio — Ajaccio — Calvi— Genoa 

Suggested donation towards journey expenses 490 euro.

The Corsicans say that Corsica was many times taken but never conquered. Though we are not going to fight. The “Shtandart” will conquer Corsica with her unusual romantic appearance and charisma of her sailors. 
This very special island with the unique nature and absence of heavy industry is the real jewel in the mediterranean crown. May just as well the beautiful ship come to the beautiful island!

We will start from Italian shores. Our meeting point is Civitavecchia, the sea port of the modern Rome. The remainings of the old harbour that was constructed by the Emperor Trajan at the beginning of the 2nd century are still alive. You may come there by train from Rome. Then find the “Shtandart”’s tall masts and transform yourselves from tourists to brave sailors.

Left the port of Rome astern, we’ll sail to the Tyrrhenian Sea, pass by Sardinia through the strait of Bonifacio and come to Corsica from the southern side to make our first stop of the passage.

Ajaccio is the birthplace of the most famous Corsican in the world history, Napoléon Bonaparte, and so our plans for this city are appropriate. Everything on Corsica bears the name of the French Emperor: bars and restaurants, shops and monuments. There is even a monument to the conquest of Moscow! But the Corsicans themselves are more proud now for singer Alizée, who was also born here, and hold Bonaparte for touristic stuff.

After Ajaccio we sail to Sanguine islands, also known as Bloody. There are many terrible legends about the origin of this name: vendetta, plague, killed lovers… But in fact the cause is the reddish colour of soil rich in iron. Or maybe not...

After this bloody passions we’ll take a little rest in Calvi, a sea resort in the northern part of the island, that pretends to be the birthplace of Columbus. And we are also discoverers – it’s the first voyage of the “Shtandart” in the Mediterranean sea. 

Another legend of Calvi is that admiral Nelson has lost his eye here. We’ll take care and look with both eyes to pick the best views and sights of the island and to keep the proper watch at sea.

We will finish in Italy again returning to Genoa, one of the most important European seaports. The famous ancient lighthouse called here simply “Lanterna” will show us the safe entrance to the harbour. That will be incredible experience and a real sailing adventure! Welcome to join us!