Rome (Ostia) — Rome (Ostia)

Boarding in: Rome (Ostia)
Boarding on: 12.12.2015 17:00
Departure: 12.12.2015 17:00
Port of destination: Rome (Ostia)
Arrival: 19.12.2015 13:00
Debarkation before: 19.12.2015 13:00
Days on board: 8
Participation fee: 490€

Astronomical sailing tour  «Following the Milky Way»

Rome (Ostia) — Porto Cervo — Elba Island — Rome (Ostia)

Suggested donation towards journey expenses is 33 thousand roubles (approximately 490 euro).

The Polar Star is the brightest, the Milky Way floats in milk, and the Great Bear is bigger than the Little one. If that’s all your knowledge in astronomy, but the starry sky above attracts you no less than the moral law within – then welcome on board! And let’s sail together to the stars!

The Mediterranean winter voyage of the “Shtandart” is continued by astronomical sailing training. We’ll turn off the GPS set, take our paper maps, star charts and a sextant and learn how did the navigators of old times find their way on the high seas.


The Mediterranean sea, the cradle of celestial science, in among the ancient shores and islands, is the perfect place for astronomical practice, and a wooden sailing ship will turn into a floating observatory and training ground. 

The starship troopers will meet in Lido di Ostia. This old roman seaport was built in antiquity, at the dawn of nautical astronomy. We’ll study the basics of seamanship in the daytime, and by night – let’s start looking at planets and galaxies. But be aware: you may be stunned by quantity of stars that can be seen from the open sea. Sure, you have never ever seen such picture on the dry land!


The first stop of the star wanderers will be the famous sea resort Porto Cervo in the north of Sardinia. Here we may observe not only the celestial stars, but also the terrestrial ones: Costa Smeralda, the Emerald coast, is a favorite holiday destination of rich and famous people. 


Then we’ll leave Sardinia and head to another island, that is much smaller, but no less famous – the island Elba. It’s time to remember history of Napoleon and to think about rising and setting stars through the spectacle of philosophers.

But now the former Napoleon’s prison is a real pearl of the Mediterranean. Hundreds of snow-white beaches attract tourists by sunlight, and the endless star shower draws the eye by night. And if you wish a star there, your dream will definitely come true as it usually happens on board of the “Shtandart”. But be careful with the wording of your wishes!


Coming back to Rome, let’s reinforce the material learnt, both in navigation and in astronomy, and celebrate our return with a festive dinner and a glass of rum. And if you suddenly see stars – just give them names and mark them on the chart.

The star trek is over, but your maritime way is just beginning. The sailing observatory will wait for you again – come back to remember the names of constellations and to watch the tall masts scratching the Milky Way.

*Schengen visa is required for this leg.

** No previous sailing experience is required.

*** Special discounts up to 100% for popular bloggers in exchange for posts about the voyage. Tell about you and your blog/website by mail, applications will be considered on competitive conditions.