La Coruña — Porto

Boarding in: La Coruña
Boarding on: 14.11.2017 14:00
Departure: 14.11.2017 20:00
Port of destination: Porto
Arrival: 19.11.2017 15:00
Debarkation before: 20.11.2017 10:00
Days on board: 6
Participation fee: 395€

From Saint-Malo Shtandart will take the traditional route used by the great seafarers further south. Just a few years ago these lands were a dream to us, legendary ports and winds. But we made that dream a goal and eventually we reached that goal. And it was a most fascinating journey. Now these exotic places are our second home and we hope to be able to make some of your dreams come true, and as a bonus give you a good life experience along the way.



Shtandart will leave A Coruña, built in 2nd century AD. Or the oldest functioning European lighthouse – The Tower of Hercules may call us from afar. Then Cape Finisterre is waiting for us. Long before our time, this place was considered the actual end of the world. They say if you walk to the farthest point and bend over you can see the four elephants and the three whales that hold our flat Earth on their back. Weather allowing, we’ll sail close to the rocks and go ashore in a village nearby to check out what is it you can really see there.

Alternatively, we might visit the cozy little harbor surrounded by fishermen shacks, on the hill above which rests the medieval town of Vigo.


200 miles more and we end up in Porto or Vila do Conde nearby.

Training (optional):

WOA [Watch Officer Assistant] School

We will continue what we started last leg. But the studies are going to be taken one step further.

It’s time to dive into deeper secrets of controlling a tall ship. Sail tuning and maneuvering, key details of action planning and execution. For the watch officer assistant it’s not enough to just know what to do. They need to be able to explain it to new hands, control and direct the action in real time. It’s not easy, but it’s a valuable experience.

Everyone will get their chance to lead setting and dousing the sails, the most action-hungry of you would get to stand on the bridge and tack or jibe the ship on their own. Quite possibly this is the most exciting time throughout the whole trip. Your heart sings when you see smooth teamwork under your guidance and realize that it is your hands and hands of your teammates that make the frigate move so flawlessly through a complicated maneuver.

But this is just a tip of the iceberg of WOA knowledge. You’d need to learn the ship’s systems. You’d need to be able to pump the galley tank and blackwater tank, give a safety speech to the new hands going aloft, or free a telltale stuck in the t’gallant. In other words you need to understand nearly everything about the ship and her people to be at the right place at the right time.

Additionally you can complete the following courses and earn the certificates:

IYT International Crew (basic skills and knowledge of a qualified crew member): extra 120 Euro;

VHF short range radio operator: extra 180 Euro.

Getting to La Coruña:

- By plane

Getting out of Porto:

- By plane (the Porto Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport)

- By bus or train to Lisbon and by plane from there. Trains depart from Campanhã hub in Porto and arrive to Oriente hub in Lisbon. Buses depart from Campanhã hub in Porto and arrive to Oriente or Sete Rios hub in Lisbon. Schedule and tickets: trains, buses