Szczecin — Aalborg

Boarding in: Szczecin
Boarding on: 10.06.2018 12:00
Departure: 10.06.2018 16:00
Port of destination: Aalborg
Arrival: 14.06.2018 12:00
Debarkation before: 15.06.2018 10:00
Days on board: 5
Participation fee: 495€

300 nautical miles

Mid-July is perfect for your very first adventure at sea. But it’s also good for a good coming back. Calm days, no wind or big swell, lots of time for both sunbathing on the watch and learning to take care of the ship; tying knots and getting a hang of the art of rigging.  

From Scszecin we sail the Oder river and Bay of Scszecin.  Through Świnoujście we enter open seas and then depending on weather we’d pick one of the following options: either we go through the Great Belt or Øresund, passing by Copenhagen and Kronborg, the Hamlet’s castle. After the Danish straits, we enter the Kattegat and set a course straight to Aalborg.