Aalborg — Copenhagen

Boarding in: Aalborg
Boarding on: 16.06.2018 16:00
Departure: 17.06.2018 17:00
Port of destination: Copenhagen
Arrival: 19.06.2018 10:00
Debarkation before: 19.06.2018 18:00
Days on board: 3
Participation fee: 195€

100 nautical miles

Sum and substance
10 days is a long time. Definitely enough to forget the shore life and dive deep into the life of a seafarer and a wanderer. You’re here today, and there tomorrow, lands and seas sweeping by, passages and then day stops and exploring port towns one after the other. Stardust, huh? 
Substantial, though not exceedingly for 10 days, distance gives us an opportunity for both good sailing passages and relaxed stops in the ports of call.  

In Aalborg we’re confronted with a choice again. East or West? Depending on the forecast we’d pick the best option. Either it is inner Danish lakes to the North Sea and then straight across to the Netherlands; or the Baltic Sea and Danish straits to the Kiel canal. Both the lakes and the Kiel canal are a tour of the inner waterways that you don’t get to see on a regular sailing leg. The next part of the route across the open North Sea gives you a chance to distance yourself from the land and get a taste of real seafaring. Then the familiar Netherlands. Big tides, Texel and, possibly, inner seas Ijsselmeer and Markermeer, Kornwerderzand and Lelystad.