Santander — A Coruña

Boarding in: Santander
Boarding on: 23.03.2019 16:00
Departure: 24.03.2019 10:00
Port of destination: A Coruña
Arrival: 29.03.2019 18:00
Debarkation before: 30.03.2019 10:00
Days on board: 7
Participation fee: 495€

350 nautical miles

Boarding 23.03 from 12 to 16.00
Disembarkation 30.03 at 10.00
Only starting and finishing ports are defined exactly. Route between them may vary due to the weather conditions.

Spring holidays under sail – Whaling ship of XVI century – Tower of Hercules – Atlantic beaches

Key features
As always we ‘d welcome whoever decides to join us regardless of age or other aspects. However, we extend a special invitation  to families with kids to this leg. Let this trip become a deep insight into living history, a bright adventure after the long academic year for you all together. We know from our experience the joy of sharing favourite and interesting things to do, travelling together and discovering new places – and we are looking forward tothis trip.

We will start from festive Santander and, weather allowing,  first head East, to small old town San Sebastián trapped betweentallrocks. Here our good friends from the land of Basques are building a replica of the whaling ship of XVI century, planning to sail it to the North Atlantic as their ancestors did. As a member of "Shtandart" crew, you will take part in a special extended tourof the future ship. 

Then our course is to the west, into the Atlantic Ocean, to the most distant point of Eurasia.  We can visit Guyon, or Avilés, or drop the anchor in one of the sheltered coves.

We will end up at A Coruña port, the history of which has roots in II century A.D. It was established here when Romans conquered a more ancient Phoenician settlement. The Phoenicians, these brave pioneers, are particularly named as creators of the Tower of Hercules - a lighthouse, the main symbol of the town. Phoenician origin of the lighthouse hasn’t beenofficially proven yet, but it is known for certain that during the Emperor Trajan’s epoch it was already functional, thus the age of the Tower is at least 1900 years! Today it is the oldest lighthouse in Europe and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And most amazing - we can visit the top of this lighthouse!

How to get to Santander:
-  By plane to Bilbao or Madrid

How to travel from A Coruña:
By plane (International A Coruña Airport)