Vigo — Vigo

Startharbour: Vigo
Boarding after: 07.05.2019 16:00
Departure: 08.05.2019 10:00
Port of destination: Vigo
Arrival: 12.05.2019 12:00
Debarkation before:
Days on board: 6
Suggested donation towards jorney expenses: 295€

200 nautical miles

Boarding 08.05 from 12 to 16.00
Disembarkation 12.05 at 10.00
Only starting and finishing ports are defined exactly. Route between them may vary due to the weather conditions

This is a 4-day looped leg. It fits you perfectly if you are very limited in time, or planning to combine a coastal trip in Spain with asea voyage.

At the end of the first decade of May we’re going to be in Vigo. We get underwayafter awelcome dinner and mandatory safety briefing. First – a leisure sail along the sheltered bay. In these comfortable conditions we can learn in details to set, trimto the wind and strikesails , try steer the shipand climb the mast for the first time.

Next, an anchorage by the Cies islands. We  go ashore with our dinghy and walk around the forests and rocks of the natural reserve.

One of the days we escape to the ocean — the Atlantic is always waiting for us! Before returning to Vigo, depending on weather and crew spirits,  we might be able to make a couple of long sailing tacks, or explore one of the neighboring deep bays, which certainly hides a lot of treasures from pryingeyes.

In case of favorableforecast we may have time to go to our beloved Portuguese Porto and back.

How to get to Vigo
By plane from the Vigo airport. Nearest connection airports are in Madrid and Barcelona.