Vigo — Vannes

Boarding in: Vigo
Boarding on: 18.05.2019 16:00
Departure: 19.05.2019 10:00
Port of destination: Vannes
Arrival: 26.05.2019 12:00
Debarkation before: 26.05.2019 16:00
Days on board: 9
Participation fee: 740€

540 nautical miles

Boarding 18.05 from 12 to 16.00
Disembarkation 26.05 at 10.00
Only starting and finishing ports are defined exactly. Route between them may vary due to the weather conditions

Bay of Biscay – 540 nautical miles – Yachting festival

The leg between Vigo, Spain and Vannes, France is a 10-days journey full of events: "Shtandart" has to travel540 miles, cross the Bay of Biscay known by its roughbehavior, and approach the Gulf of Morbihan just before the beginning of the colourful maritimefestival «Semaine du Golfe».

Dozens of stunning traditional sailboats from around the world will be there. Of course, we will use the chance to sneak a peek inside some of them and explore how the sailors live aboarddifferent ships, what is  different about their chart rooms, mess halls, crew quartersand galleys.

10 days are reserved for this leg on purpose – with extra time it is easier to find asafe moment for crossing the Bay of Biscay. During this time, you will learn to work the sails smoothly, hold the course with a steering wheel precisely;and after the first climb to the mast the crow's nest will definitely become your favorite place on the ship. A view from there is so stunning that no fear of height (if you suspect you might have it) can compete with it.

During this voyage we will have chances to visit several ports of call: for example, A Coruña or La Rochelle, Concarneau or Quiberon. A Coruña is a large Spanish port with the oldest lighthouse in Europe, the Tower of Hercules, founded in the times of the Roman Empire. Concarneau and Quiberon are small and cozy French towns on the northern shore of the Bay of Biscay. They are ideal for a walk along the beach. On your way you can have a glass of wine and some oysters to celbrate the end of your long sea passage..

* Exact routes and final lists of ports always depend on weather conditions, especially in the Bay of Biscay.

How to get to Vigo
By plane from the Vigo airport. Nearest connection airports are in Madrid and Barcelona.

How to travel from Vannes
-        By train to Nantes or Paris( or
-        By plane to Nantes or Paris