Rouen — Scheveningen

Boarding in: Rouen
Boarding on: 13.06.2019 16:00
Departure: 16.06.2019 16:00
Port of destination: Scheveningen
Arrival: 20.06.2019 10:00
Debarkation before: 21.06.2019 10:00
Days on board: 9
Participation fee: 595€

300 nautical miles

Boarding 13.06 from 12 to 16.00
Disembarkation 21.06 at 10.00
Only starting and finishing ports are defined exactly. Route between them may vary due to the weather conditions

Rouen — Scheveningen — «The Tall Ships’ Races»

This year one big event immediately follows the the other; and after the «Armada Rouen» festival almost all sailboats are going to the start of the Tall Ships’ Races.

"Shtandart" crew will take part in festive and sport events ashore (the coastal part of the regatta is from 13 to 16 of June). Then we travel 65 miles down Seine river. The regatta will start immediately after the exit from the river into the open.

The route of the regatta is especially interesting – not only the wind defines yourchances to win, but also the competent use of the tidal currents. In the English Channel currents can be up to 3 knots, and their directions are changing several times a day by 180 degrees.

The race will finish in the Netherlandstown Scheveningen, where one more festival takes place alongwith the award ceremony for winners and participants.

How to get to Rouen
-        By bus to Paris
-        By plane to Paris

Now to travel from Scheveningen
-        By train to Amsterdam (you can purchase the tickets at the railway station)
-        By train from Amsterdam