Fredrikstad — Bergen

Boarding in: Fredrikstad
Boarding on: 13.07.2019 20:00
Departure: 14.07.2019 10:00
Port of destination: Bergen
Arrival: 21.07.2019 10:00
Debarkation before: 23.07.2019 13:00
Days on board: 10
Participation fee: ---€

400 nautical miles

Boarding 13.07 at 20.00
Disembarkation 23.07 at 13.00

“Cruise in Company” – Norway – Fjords – Festivals

All "Shtandart" journeys are very interesting, but the leg from Fredrikstad to Bergen is definitely the culmination of the season and its main highlight.

You can endlessly explore the views of the Norwegian coast, lapped by Atlantic waves and  jagged with the deep fjords. Usually in the middle of the summer the weather here is as good as you would not expect in the Nordic areas: 25 and even 30°C are not unusual. But tops of cliffs are still covered with unmelted snow, and fog very often hides between them.
Cruise in Company
Our plans include asailing trip along the beautiful places but are not limited to it. “Cruise in Company”, the amicable leisure journey within agroup of yachts and other sailboats, is animportant part of every Tall Ship’s Race.

It is customary for TSR to organise city festivals in every port of call. There are going to be competitions, crew parades, free entrance to museums, essential parties for the regatta participants, and, of course, Norwegian spirit and hospitality will spice everything up.

During this leg we will have enough time to visit a couple of norwegian villages along our route, sneakinto most beautiful fjords, try mooring to an old quay or directly to the rocks, climb the cliffs and discover the bird's-eye view of the "Shtandart".

Sailing practice
All participants aboard the "Shtandart" are still active crew members despite the relaxing atmosphere of the “Сruise in Company”. Maneuvers in the narrow fjords require a lot of active work with the sails and attentive watches atthe steering wheel. Captain and the officers will be happy to share their experience, and you surely will have many chances for good practice.

How to get to Fredrikstad
- By plane to Oslo airport
- By train from Oslo (

How to travel from Bergen
By plane from the Bergen airport (BGO, Flesland)