Boulogne — Southampton

Boarding in: Boulogne
Boarding on: 11.09.2019 16:00
Departure: 11.09.2019 20:00
Port of destination: Southampton
Arrival: 13.09.2019 18:00
Debarkation before: 14.09.2019 10:00
Days on board: 3
Participation fee: 295€

130 nautical miles

(Fee for participating in the full passage from Stockholm to Southampton 895€).

British Isles — Boat Show — English Channel

The trip from Boulogne to Southampton is the final part of a long journey from Sweden to Britain. If you cannot join the whole trip, but have long wanted to cross the English Channel and come to England on a real sailboat, the time has come, we look forward to seeing you on board!

But first you need to come to Boulogne-sur-Mer, the core of the French County of Boulogne. 

The word Boulogne, like the Italian Bologna, derives from the German word bona, meaning wooden flooring or granary. Not much has been preserved in the city since the days of the Roman Empire - there was always someone besieging (in 1544) or bombing (four centuries later) someone. However, an ancient belfry (11th century) and several medieval statues, as well as the 19th-century cathedral, have survived. In addition, Boulogne, as a large fishing port, has a beautiful museum of marine life and an aquarium. 

But we went make a journey not for coastal antiquities! The thirst for adventure and the horizon (not that distant) always challenge us. When taking a short cut, it's only about 20 miles between Boulogne and England. But we are going to get directly to Southampton, it's about 130 miles westward. Navigation underway is complicated by the crowd of cargo ships and passenger liners, and the fleet of fishing ships scurrying between them. To bring order to such traffic, a traffic separation scheme was created. It divides the strait into lanes: nearshore of England westward and closer to the mainland eastward. After leaving Boulogne, we will need to decide how to cross such a zone. In our case, the course of action will be determined by the wind.

Sea practice
Despite the short passage, there will be a lot of sea practice here, as in these waters there will be strong tides and we will learn how to use them. Plus, we will need to make turns when moving through the traffic separation zone

In Southampton Shtandart will take part in a big annual boat show.
Given the passion of the English for the sea and sails, the exhibition should be majestic!
As an option, after completing the trip, you can stay for a few days on board, help us with meeting visitors on deck, chat with true British, wander through the exhibition as participants, and, of course, walk around Southampton and the surrounding area.

You have to arrive on board on the day of the start of the trip no later than 12.00 (if it is not mentioned in your instruction letter).

All crew members get through mandatory safety and alarm instructions. From the first day the crew is divided into watches and begins to ensure the daily life on board and en-route travel of the ship.
All trips are full of sea practice: from the very first day offshore you will steer the ship, work with sails and rigging, and also together with watch-mates do the cooking in the caboose or clean up. We do not have passengers - we travel as one big family.

Sea experience for participation is not at all required - we will teach you everything that we know, and knowledge comes easier in a friendly atmosphere. Lessons learned can be used on a yacht or just in your daily life: you will get not only maritime knowledge, but also you will know yourself better.

The fee includes all the costs related to the trip - you won't need to spend money on anything other than souvenirs in the port. You need to get a Schengen multiple-entry visa, buy tickets, purchase insurance covering outdoor activities and pack up.

If you are interested in learning more about life onboard - this is section for the participants of the sailing. But the best thing is to visit our vlog and watch short (and not so) videos about Shtandart.

Welcome aboard!