Malaga — Valencia

Boarding in: Malaga
Boarding on: 24.11.2019 16:00
Departure: 25.11.2019 10:00
Port of destination: Valencia
Arrival: 30.11.2019 18:00
Debarkation before: 01.12.2019 10:00
Days on board: 7
Participation fee: 495€

350 nautical miles

Mediterranean Sea - Sea practice - Costa del Sol

In November it's getting darker and colder, and you so want to escape the city being prepared for winter weather. To take a break from daily worries and plunge into a completely new world, just for a week. The real Peter the Great 18th-century frigate, conquering the Mediterranean Sea, the sunny coast of the Costa del Sol, and the Balearic Islands are ideal for creating such a contrast. We will sail almost four hundred miles across the sea, take a tan on the heated deck, squint in the sun being high in the blue sky, master the naval wisdom, and enjoy amazing landscape and mood of this region.

Important: the final route and ports of call between Málaga and Valencia will depend on weather conditions.

After Málaga we will be in for the ancient Cartagena or the beautiful quays of Alicante. Then (if we are lucky with a fair wind) the ship will stop in sleepless Ibiza (in fact, not really noisy in November, with the end of the high season). We will call at the port or drop anchor so we can go ashore in a boat, like sailors of the 18th century.

After 7 days of passages and stops, Shtandart, with the help of our hands, legs, strength, energy and ingenuity, will reach Valencia to rest here. A month in a warm city will allow the tired crew to have a rest and do preventative maintenance of ship systems, spars and rigging.

Sea practice:

Despite the “resort” passage, we won't forget that Shtandart is a sailing ship, so we are in for a challenging and diverse practice of working with sails, moorings and the anchor. Night passages will be interesting from the point of view of navigation and exploration of the starry sky of the Mediterranean, and in between, under the guidance of the captain, we will make out the theoretical issues of marine science. The weather can always give us issues related to marine meteorology, so we definitely won't be bored.

You have to arrive on board on the day of the start of the trip no later than 12.00 (if it is not mentioned in your instruction letter).

All crew members get through mandatory safety and alarm instructions. From the first day the crew is divided into watches and begins to ensure the daily life on board and en-route travel of the ship.
All trips are full of sea practice: from the very first day offshore you will steer the ship, work with sails and rigging, and also together with watch-mates do the cooking in the caboose or clean up. We do not have passengers - we travel as one big family.

Sea experience for participation is not at all required - we will teach you everything that we know, and knowledge comes easier in a friendly atmosphere. Lessons learned can be used on a yacht or just in your daily life: you will get not only maritime knowledge, but also you will know yourself better.

The fee includes all the costs related to the trip - you won't need to spend money on anything other than souvenirs in the port. You need to get a Schengen multiple-entry visa, buy tickets, purchase insurance covering outdoor activities and pack up.

If you are interested in learning more about life onboard - this is section for the participants of the sailing. But the best thing is to visit our vlog and watch short (and not so) videos about Shtandart.

Welcome aboard!