Barcelona — Barcelona

Boarding in: Barcelona
Boarding on: 05.01.2020 16:00
Departure: 06.01.2020 10:00
Port of destination: Barcelona
Arrival: 11.01.2020 12:00
Debarkation before: 12.01.2020 10:00
Days on board: 7
Participation fee: 655€

400 nautical miles

Sea practice - Barcelona - Balearic Islands – Barcelona

New Year's holidays go on and for those who have chosen to celebrate New Year at home, but do not want to miss outdoor activities, we offer our second New Year's trip on the circular route Barcelona - Balearic Islands - Barcelona.

As always, sea practice and outdoor activities with friends are main topics of our journey.
Already in the port, in calm water, we will start with a tour of the ship, safety instructions and a training how to climb the mast. After all, it is you who, after setting foot on the deck, become a full crew member of Shtandart.  It is you who have to set and stow the sails, to keep the watch at the helm and to hand mooring lines on the shore when entering the next port.

The final route will depend on the weather. But most likely, having left Barcelona, we will head south, and after 100 miles we will reach Mallorca and the town of Alcudia, which is usually the first to meet us in the Balearics. Or, if the weather shapes up in our favor, we’ll go to Minorca, where Shtandart has never been to, namely a town with a telling name Ciutadella, i.e. Citadel.

Having sailed round Mallorca from northward or southward, having trained anchorage and sail maneuvers (this is weather permitting), we’ll go to Palma or Port Adriano and then return to the mainland through San Carlos de la Rápita or Tarragona.

Interest in marine sciences and any questions are welcome: during quiet watches or in the port, after a walk around the city, watch officers are happy to share their experience, tell about meteorology, lights and signs on the shore and ships, modern and traditional navigation.

You have to arrive on board on the day of the start of the trip no later than 12.00 (if it is not mentioned in your instruction letter).

All crew members get through mandatory safety and alarm instructions. From the first day the crew is divided into watches and begins to ensure the daily life on board and en-route travel of the ship.
All trips are full of sea practice: from the very first day offshore you will steer the ship, work with sails and rigging, and also together with watch-mates do the cooking in the caboose or clean up. We do not have passengers - we travel as one big family.

Sea experience for participation is not at all required - we will teach you everything that we know, and knowledge comes easier in a friendly atmosphere. Lessons learned can be used on a yacht or just in your daily life: you will get not only maritime knowledge, but also you will know yourself better.

The fee includes all the costs related to the trip - you won't need to spend money on anything other than souvenirs in the port. You need to get a Schengen multiple-entry visa, buy tickets, purchase insurance covering outdoor activities and pack up.

If you are interested in learning more about life onboard - this is section for the participants of the sailing. But the best thing is to visit our vlog and watch short (and not so) videos about Shtandart.

Welcome aboard!