Naples — Valletta

Boarding in: Naples
Boarding on: 01.03.2020 16:00
Departure: 02.03.2020 10:00
Port of destination: Valletta
Arrival: 12.03.2020 18:00
Debarkation before: 13.03.2020 10:00
Days on board: 14
Participation fee: 895€

350 nautical miles

Naples – Aeolian islands – Hot thermal springs –The Strait of Messina – Malta

This trip is a very special one for Shtandart. We’re yet again broadening our horizons and going to places we’ve never been to before. It’s Malta! In a week and a half we have to cover 350 nautical miles. Which means we have plenty of time to visit a couple of ports of call, do some sightseeing in Italy, and swim in volcanic thermal springs somewhere at an anchorage. 

Having left the Bay of Naples (we’d probably stay in the Marina di Stabia, 20 km away from Naples) we sail by Capri, and set course south towards Sicily and the Strait of Messina. Most definitely stop by Aeolian islands, pass Stromboli – the active volcano – and drop the anchor by island Volcano (or even enter Marina Levante) to have a walk ashore and a swim in the hot springs. After that another 80 miles from Sicily to Valletta.

Sail training
As always you get a chance to climb the masts and learn square sail handling. Bracing back and forth, setting and hoisting sails and standing watch at the helm in a week are going to become a familiar routine.

In addition this trip is going to be all about traditional navigation with course plotting on paper charts, finding you location by land marks, reading the local weather signs, recognizing the ships’ and lighthouse lights.