Valletta — Palma

Boarding in: Valletta
Boarding on: 15.03.2020 16:00
Departure: 16.03.2020 10:00
Port of destination: Palma
Arrival: 27.03.2020 18:00
Debarkation before: 28.03.2020 10:00
Days on board: 14
Participation fee: 985€

600 nautical miles

Malta – Tunis – Celestial Navigation – Long distance – The Balearic Islands

Tunis and Biserta await us.  In Tunis - weather allowing - we drop the anchor in Sidi Bou Said, right in front of the royal palace and have a ride ashore in the dinghy. You can visit Carthage from there.

Biserta has a good modern marina where we plan to stay for a couple of days to invite locals aboard and have a tour of the places significant for Russian naval history.

From Valletta to the Balearic Islands we continue to explore the unfamiliar waters. Having left Malta, we go further south, to Africa!

After Tunis, we’re bound for the Balearic Islands, we have to cover more than 300 miles across the Mediterranean quite likely without any stops. If we have time we’d anchor by Porto Colom or Porto Cristo, small but picturesque marinas on south of Mallorca. We finish the trip in the huge yacht port in Palma. 

Sail training
This trip consisting of two long distance passages (200 miles from Malta to Tunis and 300 miles to the Balearic Islands) and a few shorter ones, as well as multiple stops in Malta, Tunis and Spain, is perfect for gaining various seafaring experience. In addition to the usual set of skills (setting, hoisting, furling and trimming sails and, of course, bracing) we are going to focus on celestial navigation. Dark nights far away from the shore light pollution are ideal for both romantic stargazing and working with the sextant.