Amsterdam (Zaandam) — Sønderborg

Boarding in: Amsterdam (Zaandam)
Boarding on: 25.08.2020 17:00
Departure: 26.08.2020 10:00
Port of destination: Sønderborg
Arrival: 30.08.2020 18:00
Debarkation before: 31.08.2020 10:00
Days on board: 7
Participation fee: 650€

400 nautical miles

Netherlands – high and low currents – Heligoland – The Kiel Canal – Denmark

A great training journey at the very end of summer! 

If you still have some doubts regarding which route to select, give up on your concerns and come join us at the end of August. The ship and its crew will be a little bit more relieved after an intense season of sail festivals, and together with you, we will take a rest and will spend more time telling sea stories and lectures on fascinating nautical studies.

And we will have plenty of practice, it is difficult to find another route like this one, which would be as diverse in terms of sailing conditions)

We are accustomed to sailing from Netherlands to Denmark, but it doesn’t mean it is less interesting! We will come across tide gates in Holland and Germany, high and low currents of the North Sea (and of course, we will explain, how to use them to your advantage!), calmness and green landscapes of the Kiel channel and waters of the Baltic.

If the weather gives us the opportunity to stay a bit more in Holland waters, we will cover the first half of the distance via inland seas. Here we will make a short stop at Lelystad, there is a sailing boat-museum Batavia, and we will rest in a wonderful tiny town called Enkhuizen. Through the tide gates, we will reach the Wadden Sea, and then we will have to find the way through narrow channels between shoals, which uncover during low tides. Currents here can easily gain a speed of 3-4 nautical knots, and they constantly change the direction! These waters are considered one of the most difficult in the world for navigation, but they are so much fun!

After passing through the shoals, we can stay at our favorite place at the Texel Island, and then we will be sailing for 2 days on the high North Sea.

Right before reaching Germany – there is the Heligoland Island. Former German submarine base, and now it is a resort, a bird sanctuary and a duty-free zone. Again strong currents, now at the Elba estuary, again the tide gates – we will be entering the Kiel Channel. Ahead of us, there are 100 kilometers of an “excursion” around inner German lands.  From both sides of the shipboard you will see cozy towns, small woods and fields following each other. A real green feast for the eyes of sailors who are tired of looking at the blue of the water!)

Final 40 nm of our route will take place already in the Baltic waters.

Sailor practice
Any Shtandart journey includes mandatory making and taking in of sails, bracing and steering wheel shifts. We have no passengers!

Amount of new knowledge and skills depends on your energy and enthusiasm. Shift officers and the captain will eagerly share their experience; just find time to ask your questions! Knots, modern and traditional navigation, marine radio communication and tricks of the sail settings – you can learn anything, see it and try it with your own hands.