Palma — Bizerte

Startharbour: Palma
Boarding after: 02.11.2020 16:00
Departure: 03.11.2020 10:00
Port of destination: Bizerte
Arrival: 07.11.2020 20:00
Debarkation before:
Days on board: 7
Suggested donation towards jorney expenses: 590€

400 nautical miles

A long sailing route — Open sea —Tunisia

It is time to go out of the comfort zone of well-trodden paths and well-known routes again. If you have a thirst for discoveries and real adventures — this journey is just for you! We will cross the Mediterranean Sea from the European to African coasts, spend several days in the open sea and call at Tunisia for the first time in the "Shtandart" history. 

In this journey it is especially important to monitor weather forecasts and set up the route according to the wind.

After leaving hospitable Palma, we can either set course straight to the open sea, to Africa, or stay a day at the Balearic Islands. In this case, we can drop anchor at Porto Cristo or even sail up to Menorca.

We will study forecasts together with you and will tell you how to make a decision accordingly. To sail at once to the South to Africa or first sail to the East in the direction of Sardinia? We are guaranteed to spend several days out of sight of any land, this way or another. In addition to modern GPS navigators, you will have a compass and a sextant at your disposal.

After covering 400 nm, we will see the shores of a new continent. We will visit Bizerte - a place memorable for the Russian Fleet.

Sailor practice
Any Shtandart journey includes mandatory making and taking in of sails, bracing and steering wheel shifts. We have no passengers!

Amount of new knowledge and skills depends on your energy and enthusiasm. Shift officers and the captain will eagerly share their experience; just find time to ask your questions! Knots, modern and traditional navigation, marine radio communication and tricks of the sail settings – you can learn anything, see it and try it with your own hands.