La Rochelle — Bordeaux

Boarding in: La Rochelle
Boarding on: 10.10.2020 07:30
Departure: 10.10.2020 10:30
Port of destination: Bordeaux
Arrival: 11.10.2020 14:45
Debarkation before: 12.10.2020 10:00
Days on board: 2
Participation fee: 230€

2 days long voyage from La Rochelle to Bordeaux. Ports of the beginning and the end of the voyage are define; for the rest — we will go where the wind brings us - around French islands at Atlantic coast.

You will experience the life of board like true sailors of the 18th century.

You will learn how to sail square-rigged ship, how to trim sails and what to do with ropes and rigging.

And of course, together we will enjoy sunrises, sunsets, and stars in the sky during night watches.

No maritime experience required, we know how to turn you into a real sailor!