La Rochelle 10 Feb — Sunset sail. 6 hours on board.

Boarding in: La Rochelle 10 Feb
Boarding on: 10.02.2021 13:00
Departure: 10.02.2021 14:30
Port of destination: Sunset sail. 6 hours on board.
Arrival: 10.02.2021 18:00
Debarkation before: 10.02.2021 19:00
Days on board: 1
Participation fee: 49€

How much does it cost :
Kids of 12 and under - 20€
Youngsters 13 to 25 - 35€
Adults – 49 €

What can be more beautiful than sunset at sea? Unique colors are changing every second, reflecting in the water. Add square sails above your head, filling up with shore breeze, and the sound of waves cut by the bow of an old wooden sailing ship. The rig is creaking slightly as the ship rises and falls. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it?
Join us for a sunset sail on board an 18th century Russian frigate!

We shall welcome you aboard at 1300, take an hour or so to explain some safety basics and prepare for departure, and leave at 1430.

Then we sail for a while, watch sunset and return when it starts getting dark. Underway we’re going to serve tea and snacks Russian-style.

We’re coming back dockside at 1800 and disembarking passengers at 1900.