La Rochelle (3,5 hours) — La Rochelle

Boarding in: La Rochelle (3,5 hours)
Boarding on: 19.03.2023 13:00
Departure: 19.03.2023 13:30
Port of destination: La Rochelle
Arrival: 19.03.2023 17:00
Debarkation before: 19.03.2023 17:30
Days on board: 1
Participation fee: 50€

Training sailing and intensive sea practice

A training sailing for those who would like to learn the basis of historical maritime navigation and practice basic maneuvers with us. And just for everyone who misses the sea and sails.

As in other sea crossings of the Shtandart, sailing experience is not required, and no special sports training is required. Our crew will be happy to share their knowledge with you!