Armada Rouen — festival, in port

Boarding in: Armada Rouen
Boarding on: 13.06.2023 10:00
Departure: 18.06.2023 07:00
Port of destination: festival, in port
Arrival: 18.06.2023 07:00
Debarkation before: 18.06.2023 07:00
Days on board: 5
Participation fee: 325€

The Armada of Rouen is one of the most famous, spectacular and large-scale maritime festivals. And one of the most long-awaited: it is organized only once in about 5 years!

Armada-2023 will last from June 8 to 18, and every day guests and residents of Rouen will enjoy the most beautiful sailing ships in the world, sails parades on the water and crew parades on the shore, concerts, street performances, fireworks.

On the last day of the festival, a large Armada parade will take place, dozens of ships from different countries will make a 120 km journey along the Seine back to the sea.

We invite you to become part of the Armada and join the crew of the Shtandart, the replica of the historic 1703 frigate. It will be possible to stay with us for the entire duration of the festival, or only for its first or second half.

On our ship you will plunge into the life of sailors of the 18th century, learn how the ships of that time were managed. You will not be just a visitor to the Armada, but also part of the crew, and you will see the other side of the festival, and it is no less exciting than the official one. And if you want, you can climb with us to the crow's nest of the Shtandart to enjoy the best views of  all the Armada’s sailboats and fireworks.


taking part in these legs will include a gangway and on deck watch


You can sleep in a hammock like the sailors did three centuries ago, or on a bunk.

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