La Rochelle 2 days — La Rochelle

Boarding in: La Rochelle 2 days
Boarding on: 27.10.2023 17:30
Departure: 27.10.2023 18:00
Port of destination: La Rochelle
Arrival: 29.10.2023 16:45
Debarkation before: 29.10.2023 16:45
Days on board: 3
Participation fee: 210€

Welcome on board the frigate Shtandart! Here you can really travel in time back 300 years and feel what it’s like to be an 18th century sailor. 

You can spend a few days at sea, get well experienced in sail handling, steering the ship and keep your course using both compass and landmarks or stars.

Adults: 210€
Young ( 4-25 yo): 140€

Family ticket: 700€