Terms and conditions

Working as part of a watch you will participate in all aspects of crewing "Shtandart" from setting sails to washing dishes, from helming the ship to keeping watch at night.
  • Trainee will perform and observe all reasonable and lawful commands or directions of Captain and his mates.
  • Trainee agrees to comply with all duties assigned to him/her on board the ship.
  • Trainee must follow all ship and environmental safety rules.
  • Trainee acknowledges that he/she participates in the voyage of Frigate Shtandart of his/her own free will and fully understands and assumes the related risks and responsibility for his/her life, health and personal possessions.
  • Trainee will be personally responsible for customs clearance and other immigration formalities (if any) and any breach thereof.
  • Trainee is not allowed to bring or keep on board any firearms, dangerous objects of any kind, drugs, or alcohol.
  • During the voyage (if longer than 4 hours) the Shtandart Project will provide the Trainee with:
    • good quality meals;
    • accommodation;
    • necessary tableware and eating utensils;
    • a hammock and a sleeping bag (if necessary).
  • A three-watch system (4-hour watches with 8-hour intervals between them) is applied on board; the procedure of keeping sea and harbour watches will be determined by Captain.
  • Captain has the right to disembark the Trainee at any port for misconduct or breaking the rules wherever the ship is situated at that time.
  • All other matters that are not covered herein shall be governed by the Merchant Shipping Code.