Ocean Raid


Dear Friends! As you might have gathered from our sailing plans, this autumn and winter Shtandart is setting sail for the Canaries! Our ship is embarking upon its first ocean outing and for the first time it will sail all the way into Southern Europe and Africa! We will visit new places, unknown ports and unexplored waters. This voyage is a ‘step beyond the horizon’ for Shtandart, and we would like to take this important step together with you.

During our journey we shall encounter many new things – places, people, emotions, some of which we haven’t come across in our previous trips and experiences. Feeling a bit like discoverers ourselves we have decided to dedicate our journey to the great sea explorers of the past, to all the maritime adventurers, who, just like us today, had directed their ships towards the horizon in the desire and hope to see what lies beyond… Our chosen route to the Canaries will take us through the cities and ports which played such a big role in the history of the Age of Discovery. Saint-Malo and La Rochelle, La Coruna and Cadiz, Lagos and Lisbon. The great captains and navigators, who literally changed the world and its borders, sailed from these very ports. The names of some of them are known to all, the stories of others are unjustly forgotten.

Inspired by these awesome sea-farers, we shall follow their trail and try to learn more about their destinies and discoveries. We shall call into ports which waved goodbye and then welcomed back the ships of Magellan and Columbus; we shall go to the harbours of the ancient cities, which to this very day still tingle with the presence of Vasco da Gama, Champlain and de La Salle. And YOU can do all this together with us! We will be glad to welcome you onboard during any stage of this journey and are very happy to share with you the joys of our new discoveries. And to those of you who will be staying ashore, yet fascinated and tempted by the map of the world and its history, we promise to share all our findings, impressions and stories with you.

Such a meaningful journey for Shtandart’s history simply had to have a special name, and it came to us during the planning of our route. Therefore we present to you Shtandart’s “Ocean Raid”:



Saint-Malo 18.10.2013

Voyage description

Saint-Malo 19.10.2013 La Rochelle 25.10.2013

Voyage description

La Rochelle 26.10.2013 Bilbao 01.11.2013 Voyage description
Bilbao 23.11.2013 La Coruna 
29.11.2013 Voyage description
La Coruna   30.11.2013



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Lisbon 07.12.2013



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Casablanca 14.12.2013 Essaouira 20.12.2013

Voyage description

Essaouira 21.12.2013 Santa Cruz de Tenerife 27.12.2013

Voyage description

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Let’s dream and discover together!