"Shtandart" is getting ready for the Ocean Raid!


At present in the Dutch city Zaandam Shtandart is being overhauled for her autumn voyage to the Canaries.

We change the boarding on the quarter-deck:

The nails look like new:

The wheel changed its location for a while:

Nowadays you are able to see the sky from the admiral’s cabin:

Sergei Alfeevich puts the wreaths, we have been longing for so much, to their places:

While in Southern Seas it is important to be prepared for anything – so we mend the gun ports! :)

We also do a lot of polishing and painting:

Here is new boarding for the deck:

Our neighbours – a small paddle-boat…

… and Stadt Amsterdam (in the background)

The preventive repair will last up to the middle of October. Afterwards Shtandart will set off for a long voyage. Join our crew!