We Invite You to Meet the Spring with Us at the “Shtandart” Shipyard!


It’s still snow in the streets, and only photos in the albums remind us on summer sailing. But the days are getting longer, the sun is heating the ground more and more, and it won’t be long until the river ice starts moving.

We invite you to share our joy for the beautiful days and celebrate Shrovetide at the shipyard of historical shipbuilding in Saint-Petersburg! Come yourselves, get your friends with you, bring some pancakes and tucks with you along with your good mood! Traditional folk songs and games, master classes, all-prize lottery and, of course saloon friendly atmosphere are waiting for us. Traditional Shrovetide of straw and surprises for all the participants are also in the agenda!

We’ll be waiting for everyone at the “Shtandart” shipyard on February, 21, at 3 pm. Let’s meet the long-awaited spring!