Launch of a New Captain's Gig


On the historical training wharf of Shtandart in St. Petersburg, the construction of the fourth captain's gig is reaching the point of completion. On the day of launching the vessel will be named "Nati".

The launching ceremony and prayer service will take place at:
The Central Yacht Club, Petrovskaya Kosa, 9, 30th of May 2015, at 12:00 hrs.

All who are interested are invited!

It took two years to build this new vessel on the Shtandart’s wharf. She will be the fourth gig of the Shtandart Project and the sixth in St. Petersburg and in Russia.

All the boats of "Shtandart" are built by youngsters under the guidance and supervision of the Main Ships-Carpenter Sergej Alfeevich Neustupov. The shipbuilders are all project volunteers, and after the launch will put to sea, where they will be taught all aspects of seamanship on the very vessels they built with their own hands. Every year the gigs set sails and oars for short and long voyages across the Finnish Gulf, and on the Lagoda and Onega lakes. The farthest which the two gigs "Dream" and "Bravo" ever reached is the town of Turku in Finland. Anyone over 15 years of age can join on these sea trips.

The gig launching this Saturday is the first boat with larch planking and also the first one decorated with carvings. She will be named “Nati”, in memory of Natalia Shatrova, who so tragically was taken from us when she passed away, and who for many years was a member of the core crew of the frigate "Shtandart". Natalia would have celebrated her 28th birthday on June 7th of this year.

It will serve as a living and sailing memorial to a wonderful and radiant person. A memorial to a friend who was always ready to help if somebody had problems, and to a hostess who gave comfort and kept order on board, and who loved the ship as her own home. Nati's beautiful smile would light up the darkest days, be it rain, cold, storm, or during the difficulties of everyday life when she would give support to all by a kind word and good example ... Now this beautiful boat will be given her name, so that Nati will be with us always and on all our voyages. We remember and we love her.

More information about all our gigs can be found on our website:

The frigate "Shtandart" will arrive in Riga (Latvia) on May 30th, from where she will continue to Klaipeda. There she will participate in the regatta “The Tall Ships Races Baltic”. The sailing season this year, as always, is rich with events, such as sailing in the Baltic, the regatta TSR in Norway, and participation in the big festival of ships "Sail Amsterdam" in the Netherlands.