Training camp of captain’s gigs on fort Totleben


A long three days' weekend of 12-14 June we spend at a training camp of captain’s gigs on Totleben island. There were three boats that came to the fort: Dignité (“Atlantic Challenge Russia”) and two our gigs “Bravo” and “Alpha”.


On the first training day, after long sailing passage against the wind and rain, the teams had to break a sweat at rowing slalom in different directions and to work out their rowing and steering skills.  And after that, ashore, everybody could learn to tie most useful sailor's knots.

On the second day a sailing race and man-over-board training was planned, but a sudden calm slightly corrected our plans.
After lunch, in keeping with the best traditions of “Atlantic Challenge” camps,  the teams got a “kiddie surprise” competition (teamwork and decision-making practice in unusual conditions) and a knot-tying relay contest. 

On the third day we had a cruising race on our way home. The wind was slight, so we had to row a lot, but of course we used any possibility to set sails and to have a little rest. “Alpha” came in first this time!
The meals at the camp were excellent as usual and deserve special mention – much thanks for those who cooked and made out a bill of fare!

Next time we’ll meet on the fort in August, at traditional “Atlantic Challenge” training camp. Stay tuned for news!