Mediterranean winter voyage


Our plan for winter is ready: we are going to Monaco, and this journey should be even more exciting than the Canarian voyage. This will be the first time “Shtandart” comes to the Mediterranean sea. We’ll leave the northern waters till spring and head for the sweet life of Cote d’Azur, spiced with salt of Atlantic ocean and pepper of luxurious resorts.


Portugal, Spain and France are waiting for us, with their wine, corrida, castles, snow-white villas and royal-blue sea  – instead of autumn rains and sorrows  that we’ll leave at home. And this all we’ll enjoy on board of a russian wooden frigate – replica of a 18th century ship. Peter the Great could only dream about that, and we’ll turn this dream into reality, just because we can.

Let your winter pass under the slogan “Shtandart – Dolce Vita”!




Our long way to glory and splendor starts from the city of Poole. On our way we’ll visit Lisbon, Malaga, Barcelona, Ibiza, Toulon and one very secret island. Besides the magnificent capitals, some small welcoming country corners of the Mediterranean Europe and the Atlantic coast are waiting for us, already without tourist crowds.






The first sailors of the Mediterranean winter journey gather in Falmouth on 8 September. The first leg is the hardest and the most difficult, but also the most interesting: 10 days of the two-week trip we’ll spend in the ocean, without calling at any port. But those who will set their feet on the portuguese shore will be not the cabin boys but the real salty dogs.


The second group starts in Lisbon on 24 September, sails between two continents through the legendary Gibraltar and casts anchor in Spanish Malaga nine days later.


The third shift of seafarers casts off the lines on 3 October in Malaga and heads for Monaco, where the "Shtandart" was specially invited for the Days of Russian Culture.


How much

One day of good living aboard the "Shtandart" costs a sailor by 60 Euro per day. In an ordinary tourist trip one gives the same sum for one night at the hotel. Or for dinner at the panoramic restaurant. Or for a small shopping tour. And on the ship you’ll get for this a deck over your head, four-time meals, a course of seamanship, fantastic view around the clock and something else that is invaluable.

For adventurers who want to stay with us longer we have a special offer provided: 25% discount on booking of 2 legs, 40% – on booking of 3 legs. So take long vacations or quit your boring job and sail with us from England to the French Riviera to get more experience and impressions and enjoy Dolce Vita under sail!