Traditional Frigate Shtandart's Award Regatta


On 20th September our traditional Frigate Shtandart's Award Regatta was held in the Neva bay. It was arranged to coincide with the 16th anniversary of Shtandart’s launching. Such competitions are held every year by the team of the “Shtandart Project” for Bantry Bay gigs and yawls of maritime colleges and historical clubs. 

This year 12 teams (about 120 persons) took part in the regatta:

Bantry Bay gigs:
  • Enchanté (Atlantic Challenge Russia)
  • Dignité (Atlantic Challenge Russia)
  • Mechta (Shtandart Project)
  • Alpha (Shtandart Project)
  • Bravo (Shtandart Project)

  • “Shtandart team”
  • “Vikings-1”
  • “Vikings-2”
  • The Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications team
  • “Corsairs” (Krylov State Research Centre)
  • SCF team
  • SMTU team

Three races were held: a long-distance rowing race, a sails-and-oars race and a rowing slalom. A planned sailing race was unfortunately cancelled due to lack of wind. The results were calculated by classes.

Winners of the yawl class:

  1. “Corsairs”
  2. “Shtandart team”
  3. “Vikings-1”

Winners of the Bantry Bay gig class:

  1. Dignité (Atlantic Challenge Russia)
  2. Mechta (“Shtandart Project")
  3. Alpha (“Shtandart Project")
The special prize “For the will to win” got the Enchanté team – mostly junior sailors in the age under 15, students of the Sailing Academy.

Winners of each class received the main prize of the regatta – participation in any training sailing of “Shtandart”. They may join the crew of unique historical sailing ship and apply their maritime skills steering the ship or working with sails. 
The rest prize winners were awarded with medals and diplomas. All participants got small souvenirs.

Special thanks to “Atlantic Challenge Russia” project, personally – to Mikhail Plekhanov and Evgenia Siobko, for help by officiating, for providing of the official boats and for cooperation that is priceless experience for us.

Thanks to our Judicial Group: Alexander Ivanov, Alexey Varavva, Mikhail Plekhanov, Evgenia Siobko, Vassily Minaev.

Thanks to Sergey Siobko, captain of the yacht “Shkval” for providing the vessel for spectators.

And also much thanks from all participants and event organizers – to the coastal support team and personally to Polina Kharchenko for delicious hot food and tea, that gave us strength to compete in the rowing slalom.

Thanks to all photographers and cameramen that worked on the race. Video materials will be used to make a film about our regatta, and photos may be seen in this album:  Author of the most liked photo by the 1st October will get a special prize.

Thanks to all participants!