"Shandart" in Gibraltar


On 30th September we received a message from board: «Gibraltar was taken by dawn! We prepare for mooring to the pillars of Hercules». Rather briefly, but full of impressions.

Detailed news are coming soon, and now let’s look what happened on board on the way to Gibraltar. Our special correspondent Daria Kaplan reported:

«Now it's windy in Rota, and the waves are running crisscross and so heavy that all tourists are literally swept away from the beaches. Only locals and brave russian sailors are not afraid of 8 m/s sandstorm. This small town near Cadiz is our first mediterranean stop on the way to Gibraltar.

The passage was smooth, but by mooring the weather and the southern lifestyle made us worry a little. We were not completely sure that the depth in the marina will allow us to pass safely. Within an ace of stranding, finally we entered the harbour and moored in its very center. This reminded to the crew their moroccan adventures on the way to the Canaries. And Africa is really “over the road” here!

A three-day passage was passed with benefit and pleasure. Work (polishing, painting, varnishing) done – have your fun (heave aback and swim around the ship) – so is our maritime life!

Only two events made some disorder. 
A couple of big dolphins appeared from nowhere and without a word of warning started to roll on our stern wave every here and there. What a bally nuisance!

And last night before entering Rota all crew couldn’t sleep. But it was not emergence work or life boat drill – that was the rare natural phenomenon that caused our insomnia. The eclipse of the supermoon – you really don't see that every day! And the sea is the best scenery for a such show. So we had a unplanned astronomy lesson for dummies.

And now we are leaving Rota and heading to legendary Gibraltar – just to check what ancient mariners felt, returning home from a long journey».

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