Captain's gigs — the final regatta of the season


The final regatta of the season was held - the traditional "Booblik-race" organized by "Atlantic Challenge Russia". It was a real pleasure to compete with strong rivals by pleasant weather and fine wind and to show the best skills and excellent teamwork! 
Five races were held: a long-distance rowing race, two sails-and-oars races (full and shortened), a sailing race and a long-distance sails-and-oars race. Five gigs and four yawls took part.

Overall results:

Winners of the yawl class:

  1. "Corsairs" 
  2. "Shtandart team"
  3. "Vikings-2"

Winners of the Bantry Bay gig class:

  1. "Bravo"
  2. "Dignité"
  3. "Enchanté"

Much thanks to all organizers and participants!

We also congratulate our girls, the women's yawl rowing team, that came third in the annual boat regatta "Autumn Marathon"!