Kseniya Logunova's Impressions


Almost all the newbies on a ship want to see the day when she) runs into a gale. Now, when a new group has arrived, they have also expressed the same desire. This is a place where your wishes come true very soon, so the sea was pretty rough the following two days, although not too much (force 4-5).

As our watch crew spent the first day in the galley, it was an unforgettable experience for newcomers. Now I'll tell you what rolling is like on a wooden ship.

- You try to tie a resisting pan to the cooker. At the same time, the knives and forks make a tidy shot from the table to the transom. While you are collecting the knives and forks, the coffee maker falls on your head. Out of the corner of your eye you notice that the mugs are ready to follow the forks. You rush there to stop them. The other girl in charge of the lunch manages to save the mugs on the other table. You decide to put the mugs on the shelf. The coffee maker falls down again. You manage to catch it in the air. At some point, you realize that the centrifuge in front of your eyes has become too strong, and you need to get some fresh air urgently. You go on deck. While on the deck, you're covered by a wave from head to toe. You go back to the galley. You feed the crew, who have pale green faces, although there is a couple of lucky ones who do not feel seasick. 

- You go to keep the watch. On the deck, people show you a looming tornado on port side. They say it does not often happen here. All our watch crew look at the windspout. It looks gorgeous. For some reason, this is all we can think about it. Finally, the captain comments that we need to avoid it. Oh yes, really. And this is what we do.

- You go to have a rest. Finally, you go to your place in the forecastle. It's hard to remain in an upright position. You try to understand which things got wet. You think that it might be a good idea to put the things that are still dry to a safer place, but do do that you need to get up, so you give up that idea.

You feel your cot. You find enough dry place to sleep in, you feel happy. You fall asleep hearing the crash of waves on the bow of the ship.
And then we came to Heligoland, the wonderful and beloved "Tortuga of the North". There is a sauna with a swimming pool, a duty free zone, and it is also a very beautiful island.