Who would like to join as sailors?


The closer the dark autumn days with their nasty weather, the more we are looking forward to our journey to the south, to Saint Malo, Gibraltar and Barcelona.
We're following the summer and we're asking you to go with us! Who would like to join as sailors? ;)

The time has come to tell you about our plans in detail.
Well, it's time for you to make up your mind, pick the most interesting route and buy your airline tickets! So, let's start:

The welcome turn to the South this year will happen in Copenhagen, on October 18. Shtandart is to fire all its guns at the Tordenskiold Days, a historic festival, and right after that will head to France, and to the medieval city of Saint-Malo.

What are the highlights of the voyage?

- a really long and interesting route:
16 days aboard and almost 1000 nautical miles!
- 5 countries and water areas to suit any taste:
The Baltic and the North Sea, Kiel Canal and the English Channel;
- narrow channels and high seas, intensive shipping, and one of the most famous tidal zones of the world: in Saint Malo the water rise is up to 10 meters!

This voyage is one of the most effective for yachtsmen and travelers who want to gain experience and miles!

During our two-week journey, there are always some opportunities to relax and go for a walk. While the ship is riding at anchor, we will visit not only world-famous sights, but also some non-touristy destinations:

Starting in Copenhagen, we will go through Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. It's a real expedition around Europe!

- We will visit the island of Helgeland, the White Cliffs of Dover, the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey and many other places.

To join our team, complete an application on the website!