January and February at the shipyard


Two prolific and rewarding winter months are right around the corner, and now spring is in which means that in only a couple of months boats will be hoisted out to be riding over waves accompanied by simultaneous «aaaaand…row»! Here we would like to present you the digest of the events that took place at the shipyard this winter, and we shouldbbe really glad if you join us!
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— At the shipyard we are proceeding with a full blast repair of gig «Bravo» и yawl-6: some of the old ribs have been dismantled and changed for the new ones, we also made and installed the new mainmast thwart, modelled a lot of bracket knees, carved new deck stanchions and at the moment we are making a new raw for the yawl. 

— This year we delivered 3 lectures on Basic Maritime Studies, one of which was devoted to revising and
consolidating all the information acquired since the beginning of winter. 

— In Shtandart gigs community you can find news and photos updated. 

— We also published a new calendar containing photos of our boats taken in the previous sailing season. 

— One of the events that we celebrated with all possible fun and pleasure at the shipyard was Pancake Day: we ate
pancakes, drank tasty tea from the samovar, played team games and made a great bonfire. 

— We held the first meeting to discuss the boat trip which is planned for this summer: the preparation for this event
has already started. 

— Moreover, we held several meetings of AC Standart team amid the preparation for Gigs International Competition Atlantic Challenge 2018 which will take part in Northern Ireland. Quite shortly we will announce additional recruitment of young volunteers to the team — stay tuned!