It's time for good news!


It's time for good news!
We opened the maps and started drafting crews for autumn and winter!

The whole route on google maps:

What's inside:
  • an unheard-of sailing from Sweden to France (and even further for those who wish!);
  • a three-day stop in Gibraltar or a trip to Africa; 
  • protected islands of the Mediterranean and always-sunny Costa Blanca.

However, that’s not the main thing.
Sea practice is what traditionally comes first at Shtandart.

Daily exercises with sails and watches at the helm will be coupled with:
  • trip planning;
  • predicting and using of tides;
  • crossing of a high-density traffic area in the English Channel;
  • astronavigation under the southern stars...
  • romantic sunsets and sunrises, fresh air and dolphins;
  • new friends and interesting stories while singing to the guitar on deck...
  • smelling resin and heated wood, groaning masts and screaming seagulls...
  • and even New Year's Eve fireworks in Barcelona!

Details about each trip will be revealed little by little. In the meantime, feel free to look into our plan and join the friendly crew of the frigate Shtandart!