Attention: changed schedule in May 2020


Due to the COVID-19 quarantine, SHTANDART is currently berthed in Castellion de la Plana, Spain up to the 11th of May. Ship and the crew of 11 people are healthy and make some rigging maintenance.

Shtandart will remain in the port until the situation allows us to continue sailing and to invite new trainees. Hopefully after 11.05 it will be possible to leave Spain and set sails to the Northern Europe. Our routes in June in July will come later and depends on restrictions. Maybe we stay somewhere in France (La Rochelle) or in the Netherlands (Zaandam) and make local sail training trips.

Our preliminary autumn and winter schedule will be soon on our web page, you may choose your ports then and hopefully we will meet there.

Total fees of the bookings, which you cannot use due to national force majeure events (closing the borders of the countries), are subject to return or can be shifted to any sailing routes within one year.

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Take care,
Shtandart Project team