We are leaving Castellon de la Plana


We are leaving Castellon de la Plana. After 50-days stay at the port, we seem to have fallen out of a habit of getting off a harbour, so yesterday we trained to do it. Apparently we haven’t forgotten everything yet!

We appointed roles for dropping a boat so that everyone knew what exactly do they have to do. We gave out sails with gaskets, boomed them and trained how to brace. Within the sail route the crew amounts for 10 people — 3 people per shift + the Captain.

During such a tough time for Spain, 1,5 months ago there was an announcement that only local ships could call at their ports. So Castellon port let us in for the quarantine, as if we were locals.

On the very first day, the City Mayor personally greeted us and brought us food (God bless this wonderful woman). Then she visited us several times, congratulated us on holidays and gave us presents. The port employees also feeded us and even shared their clothes with us! Yes, we were not allowed to do everything, but we still had much freedom within the port area. A day before sailing out we already began to feel sad about leaving this place, it was great here! We won’t forget kindness and hospitality of this city.

Today we are planning to leave. Ahead of us is non-stop sailing till the very Vigo, more than 1000 miles. How much time will it take us — it depends on the weather, nevertheless, as usual.