We would like to share our plans for this summer


Greetings! The first Shtandart newsletter in 2021 is a reminder of how you can join the crew right away. 

We also would like to share our plans for this summer and some news from the educational workshop in Saint Petersburg. 

For those who really want to sail but have doubts about the exact dates when the borders will open, we made certificates with an open date. During the New Year holidays we had a malfunction on our website, so not everybody was able to apply for a certificate. We have fixed the bug and till the end of February we are accepting certificate applications. Give a gift of a perfect adventure to yourself or your near and dear!

There are two types of certificates and can be used for any trip during two years after the borders are open and travel is possible again. Buying a certificate now you’re thus helping the project to survive till spring, to run the workshop and prepare the ship and the captain’s gigs for the new sailing season. 


The second important and long waited for piece of news is that we continue to work on our voyage plan for the summer. Now we can say that the season starts mid-April in La Rochelle with a passage to Pasaia, Basque Country. There we are going to have two weeks of filming and you can join the crew for both the passages there and back and the filming itself.

Our plan includes the Bay of Biscay, exciting for every sailor, The Tall Ships Races in the Baltic and sailing in the Dutch canals and inner seas. We might even visit Saint Petersburg, our home port! So stay in touch, follow the news and wish for the borders to open soon. And may that collective thought become a reality!

Check out the map

At the workshop in Saint Petersburg many things are becoming real right now. The captain’s gigs are getting ready for the season despite the cold weather, the wreaths and mermaids for Shtandart are ready for fine carving. Soon we will start a traditional course for people interested in small wooden boats; most probably the course would be held online. 

We have started studying the charts for the summer small boats trip. 

Current news, photos and the workshop schedule are in the VK group. 

Check out the workshop (Russian)


April 19th Shtandart becomes a movie star again. Alejandro Amenábar, the famous Spanish film director, screenwriter and composer (Vanilla Sky, The Sea Inside) is filming a series called “La Fortuna” in Pasaia, Basque Country. The name speaks for itself, promising adventures, spy stories, Spanish gold, and, of course, a historical ship with historical crew. 

Would you like to see yourself on a big screen and become a part of that exciting story? Join the crew! From past experience, filming means intense sailing maneuvers, changing the ship’s appearance, makeup and historical costumes for the crew, shooting cannons and muskets, but most importantly a peek into the movie backstage, a glance at how filming professionals do their job and just a chance to have some fun as an impromptu actor. 

In our free time we will sail, explore the Basque Country, visit the Albaola shipyard and so on. 

Examples of the movies, Shtandart participated in: 

Nova Zembla


22 Angeles

Peter and Wendy