Shtandart is about friendship and trust!


There is always an international team on our board! The current crew includes officers and sailors from Russia, Ukraine, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, and the Czech Republic. Many people come as volunteers. Our ship is still open to all who dream of sea adventures, and we are true to the mission of Shtandart: to unite people from different countries and make sailing accessible to everyone. 

Штандарт - это про дружбу!

We are happy to share our experience and knowledge, and most importantly, the emotions that can only be experienced on the high seas. Life on a ship always depends on the well-coordinated work of the entire crew, and more than ever we appreciate the atmosphere of trust, mutual understanding and support that has existed on our frigate from the very beginning of its history. 

We like that with the arrival of each new group of trainees and volunteers, the ship has its own language, or rather, a mix of different languages. We love to see people not only gain maritime experience and learn about historic shipbuilding and navigation, but also develop the qualities we value most: responsibility, courage, willingness to come to the rescue, the ability to discuss problems and find solutions together. 

From the very beginning, Shtandart was a completely volunteer project, a dream of a historic ship, first by a very small group of enthusiasts, and then by an increasing number of people. Today, the ship has tens of thousands of friends in different countries, and we are glad that many of them in this difficult time help us continue to do what we consider important and necessary. We also, in full agreement with our main mission, support people in difficult situations, develop children's, volunteer and charity projects. 

Once it was thanks to sailboats that people discovered new countries and established connections between them. Now this is also very important. We believe in the need for peaceful resolution of conflicts, we have been and will always be against violence and the forceful solution of problems. And we believe that sooner or later people will learn to trust each other again. Here, on Shtandart, we see that this is possible.
Welcome on board!