Online meeting of friends of Shtandart! We are waiting for your questions


A spark! A storm! Just madness! 

Here comes an online meeting of friends of Shtandart! We really need you today to make it happen! 
If you miss frigate Shtandart, if you want to see familiar faces in a familiar interior, if you have been dreaming of helping the the ship and her crew, but don’t know how to do that…. You are at the right place! 

Today at 19.00 by Paris and at 21.00 by Moscow, the meeting will be broadcasted on Instagram, YouTube and Vkontakte. What will we have? An evening in the messroom. Imagine: the captain is at his usual place (right under the boose bell). It's a quiet evening, dinner is already over, there is no need to rush. The captain tells stories and answers your questions. Ekaterina, the leader of the band “Nemnogo Nervno” plays guitar and sings her lovely songs nearby. 

 THE MOST IMPORTANT NOW: we are waiting for your questions to the captain today, on Instagram or YouTube or Vkontakte! And join us today to be with us during this cold season! To support us with a kind word or a donation. To feel that even in a world torn apart, we love good people around the globe. And welcome to the family!