The sea, the frigate, La Rochelle


 The frigate Shtandart  spent the whole winter and early spring in one of our favorite ports in France - in La Rochelle. And all this time we continued to go to sea: for a few hours or a couple of days. The Bay of Biscay is a great place to practice sailing maneuvers and learn navigation. And even a short trip on the Shtandart is always about new emotions and impressions! 

 We are glad that people from different countries come to us. Many of them have known the Shtandart for a long time, and help us to train those who are on the ship for the first time. 

 Very soon, from the 1 of May, we will start the longtime sailings - for 5-6 days for every leg. Ahead - a variety of ports, sailing festivals and an infinitely varied sea. There are still some places for almost all legs. Welcome, we will be glad to see you on board!

Shtandart's plans for the summer season :
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