Project Shtandart


The future of the world as a whole and any nation in particular belongs to the young people.

That is why we want to help them get ready for their very important role – steering the world and the country into a better future.

The Aim

The aim of the Project Shtandart is to help young people become independent, to be competent specialists and professionals and members of society, individuals who know how to work in a team, how to respect themselves and others, and how to control their own destiny.

Learning Traditional Crafts

Learning traditional crafts, working at the shipyard building historic ships including Gigs and sailing them later gives us a useful platform to achieve our goals. Onboard our famous frigate Shtandart, members of the international crew will have a chance to test themselves against the serious challenges of the open seas!

The Shtandart Project consists of three elements:

  • Replica Frigate "Shtandart"
    Professional, safe and economically viable, the Frigate Shtandart is crewed by a core of young trainees and takes part in Tall Ship events, Maritime Festivals and visits various Ports as a Russian Ambassador.
  • Shipyard 
    The creation of an historic shipyard and maritime centre in St.Petersburg. This will be a working 18th century shipyard with museum educational facilities.
  • Captain's gigs Project
    Practical knowledge and skills of boat handling are developed by building, sailing and rowing an 18th century captain's barges (also called "gigs"). Young people also develop their ability to work in a team, and take responsibility for others.