Peter the Great's Shipyard

Youth centre and interactive museum for historic shipbuilding “Peter the Great's Admiralty”

Throughout the centuries Russia has been a strong maritime power. There are numerous museums dedicated to the history and the glory of the Russian navy, however the majority of their presentations often don’t meet the growing demands of the modern museum management.

Having experienced some really good examples of maritime museums abroad, where visitors are offered unique hands-on experience, where guests become active participants of the exhibits and compositions, Project Shtandart came up with the idea of setting up a youth centre and an interactive museum for historic shipbuilding, called “Peter the Great’s Admiralty”.

We are currently waiting for permission from the city authorities to site the museum in the historic Petropavlovskaya fortress of St-Petersburg. The history of the fortress is inseparably connected with the history of the Russian Baltic Navy.

It was here, in the Kronwerk channel, that Peter the Great ordered to keep the first Russian Navy ships as living, working museums.

Visitors to our museum and centre will be able to learn about maritime history from live exhibits and via information on LCD monitors and other modern media; they will experience various exhibits to actually use the technology from past centuries.

With help and guidance of an experienced instructor our guests will be able to actually make a part of a ship!

Amongst various other interesting features, the key elements will include a set of active workshops (rigging, blacksmith, sails); there will be shops with maritime souvenirs made to order by Project Shtandart and a special children’s playground with ropes, rigging etc.

Building the Admiralty is the next step in developing the Project Shtandart and we are hoping to attract even more people of various ages, interests and backgrounds to take part!